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Pacific Northwestern trio A((Wake)) roll out a six-track vocal-less metal offering whose ambitious technicality and unconventional songwriting seem to be the band’s most valuable possessions. Imagine Tool, Pelican, Mastodon, and The Fucking Champs getting together for an extended jam to try and grasp what these guys have accomplished on songs like the deep grooving “Ortus”. Heavy guitars you’d find in metalcore, steamrolling rhythms spastic metal acts employ, and a furious sense of immediacy are just some of the nuances you’ll hear on “Drown the Sky”, while the wares of progressively-tinged bands like Mouth of the Architect and Cult of Luna are apparent on cuts like the sprawlingly savage “As the Crow Flies”. Captivatingly rich, sonically stunning, and surely able to find an audience in both the metal and indie music communities, A((Wake)) are a band to keep an eye on, as THE CRESCENT showcases a band that understands the fine line between self-indulgent and genre-defying and uses it to the fullest advantage.
- Mike SOS