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Belgium's Death Before Disco are an unbridled quintet that displays a limitless musical scope on BARRICADES, allowing the 10 tracks ample room to explore territories carved out by Dredg, Thrice and The Mars Volta. Bands like Shift come to mind when listening to cuts like "Set the Minutes", as DBD do a stellar job of combining melody with lush soundscapes to create an exquisite listen, while harder edged tunes like "Barricades of Rumble" would elicit comparisons to Refused if they were on Drive-Thru Records. Unhinged and not afraid to wander off into jamland before returning to heavy punk hooks or even a Boysetsfire-esque fist-pumping chorus ("Pyramids on Mars"), this band's progressive and proud of it vibe isn't for everyone, yet if you can appreciate a band whose versatility bends genres and incorporates a dizzying array of musical styles, then this disc would be a smart pickup.
- Mike SOS