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1090 CLUB

Montana-based quartet 1090 Club's eclectic grab bag of indie rock yields an exquisite listen. Thanks to their multi-vocal (male and female) strategy and captivating instrumentation including full-time violin and piano, the unorthodox style demonstrated on this disc reveals a clever change of pace. SHIPWRECKED ON SHORE's wide array of off-kilter harmonies that range from sullen to wistful ("Sunk", "Some Equals One", "Business End") and poppy yet intricate arrangements found on cuts like "Second Hander" and the perfect closer "Cheers to Us" capable of jarring your senses. Doing it mostly sans bass guitar and a solid yet unemphasized level of guitars, 1090 Club's vast soundscape and compact arrangements allow this band to stand out as something special above the average indie rock example. If you dig Modest Mouse, Talking Heads, and The Cure, there's something here for you.
- Mike SOS