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Crusty hardcore trio Drugs of Faith unleash an eight-track, 15-minute aural assault on their eponymous offering. Sounding as dissonant and genuinely angry as anything that came out before 1986, you can feel the hate ooze from every pore of this unit from the opening disjointed guitars over purposeful blasts of drums found on "Never Fail" to the sludgy buildup of "Burning”. With unabashedly raw spirit from the early days of hardcore-influenced crossover metal propelling tracks like "The False War" and "An Ode to Those Unwed", Drugs of Faith meld the mindnumb of noise rock with bands like Black Flag and DRI's unfettered rage and the swampy (they are from Northern Virginia after all) gifts brought by acts like Soilent Green and Eyehategod. Creating quite a sinister piece of heavy music, tap into the vitriolic versatility of Drugs of Faith to reaffirm your belief in the underground.
- Mike SOS