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Buffalo NY’s Dead Hearts are easily classified as hardcore if you’re going on the premise of anthem-esque tracks like “Hollow” and “Cold”, but there’s a lot more going on within the 14-tracks which comprise BITTER VERSES that propels this quintet beyond the obvious genre tag. While there’s no shortage of gang vocals or impassioned guitar throughout the course of the disc, as cuts like “Innocence” demonstrates the outfit’s love of Sick of It All and Comeback Kid, the enchanting piano and effects-strewn interludes sprinkled about display the group’s ability to reach past the confines of the genre and hit levels usually not reserved for bands of their stature. Meshing the meat and potatoes hardcore of bands Bane with an intriguing juxtaposition of modern rock ambiance and heartfelt furious punk, Dead Hearts will undoubtedly catch flak in the circles of narrow-minded purists. Yet the altered moods and unlikely atmospheres coupled with the genuine angst utilized on BITTER VERSES twist this album from run of the mill to a mature raging hardcore release.
- Mike SOS