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Knoxville, TN Christian metal act Disciple's latest 11-track offering supplies a smorgasbord of the last 10 years of commercial metal's finest moments on SCARS REMAIN. Tracks like "Dive" sound as if they came fresh off the Warped Tour side stage, while the harmonious chorus of "Regime Change" demonstrates the act's familiarity with bands like Soil and Drowning Pool, as the title track suggests this quartet has had its fair exposure to bands like Atreyu and Demon Hunter. There's even a nod to genre bending, as "Game On" disappointingly resurrect Limp Bizkit-esque posturing for an anthem that sounds like a WWE theme (which was in fact the theme of a WWE PPV), and "After the World" questionably displays the band's sensitive side with that big ballad rock radio salivates over. While offering more variety than your average metal unit, Disciple's metal by numbers design and their placating to the commercial side of the fence leaves room for a few fist-pumping anthems with a somewhat stale aftertaste.
- Mike SOS