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Poland seems to be a hotbed for the metal world, thanks to bands like Vader who have conquered the realm. Demise is yet another export from the country that employ a death metal sound, only theirs is way more progressive and deeply steeped in modern day metal's influences. Decisively not as rigid as many of their peers, this quartet's 13- track endeavor isn't the most precise album, or the heaviest by any means, but it does display a looser feel than most metal albums normally allow. Cuts like "Grieve No Longer" emit an Entombed-like vibe, while the ambient closer "Never Ending Pain" sounds like something from a sci-fi movie closing credit scene. There are quite a bit of metallic moments here ("Termination of Souls", "Ecstasy and Rapture"), but the oddball nuances strewn across TORTURE GARDEN make this album intriguing, if not a bit disjointed.
- Mike SOS