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Finding the perfect middle ground in between Queens of the Stone Age and The Haunted, the Italian-Danish troupe Allhelluja play Godzilla-sized riffs at earth-shaking volumes with hints of death 'n roll in its midst. PAIN IS THE GAME transcends the notion that groove and grind can't coexist, as the 11 tracks that adorn this collection dole out even amounts of metallic firepower and balls to the wall sleaze rock, as cuts like "Are You Ready" and "Soul Man" demonstrate the band's love for all things simple and heavy. While their steeping into debauchery tends to get a bit sloppy at times, the top notch grooves decorating "The King of Pain" and "Superhero Motherfucker Superman" are massive enough to impress even the most hardened of listener. If you like it raw and rude, Allhelluja delivers the goods.
- Mike SOS