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Hailing from the United Kingdom, the demonic duo known as Anaal Nathrakh have put forth a maddening mixture of nine apocalyptic track juxtaposing pieces of the grind, black, and death metal genres into its own entity. Featuring guest spots by members of Napalm Death and Mayhem, this act's place in the upper echelon of extreme metal can be justified by the weight which their friend's carry, while the brutal blast beats, gripping guitar work, and tortured vocals which accompany such tracks as "The Destroying Angel" showcase the band's intertwining stellar musicianship and gruesome shared vision at its zenith. Anaal Nathrakh unleashes an unsuspectingly dastardly multi-front offensive with ESCHATON, an album whose misanthropic malaise has the propensity to fester in your soul after numerous exposures.
- Mike SOS