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Black Elk convincingly earns to be called the first part of its name, as this mammoth Northwestern quartet knowingly carries and lovingly dispenses the propensity to obliterate everything in its path with viscous rhythms and sinister bottom-end on songs like "Toss You to the Wolves". Utilizing math-rock guitar angularity with tremors of noise rock erupting constantly and the aforementioned brutal bottom end anchoring this entire eponymous ordeal, this 10-track release melds the wares of Melvins, Jesus Lizard and Mastodon into a severe hailstorm of shrapnel and napalm that shreds skin and cuts to the bone. Tracks like "Eyebone" take Satan to the disco, while the sinewy guitars on "Cuddles" show the unit's chaotic hooves working in hardcore unison. Epic yet underscored, Black Elk's majesty stems from its brainy approach to laying down brawny slabs of sludgy, crusty, and blackened metallic moments and its total lack of pretense that gives it a Nirvana-esque garage tape charm. An excellent choice if you're looking for something heavy and intriguing.
- Mike SOS