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The ever-controversial Cradle of Filth return with yet another symphony for the devil with THORNOGRAPHY. Providing the elaborate orchestration, speed metal antics, and dramatic flare like no other, this CD once again cascades over the top of metal's normal excess, making songs like "Under Huntress Moon" and "Libertian Grim" surefire diehard fan pleasers. But as always, Dani Filth and company always have something up their sleeve, and their movie soundtrack cover of Heaven 17's "Temptation" is just one of the many treats you'll get on this 12-track offering. Staying true with all usual tactics in tow on cuts like the Maiden gone black metal vibe of "The Rise of the Pentagram" and the breakneck rhythms and demonic vocals on "Lovesick for Mina", Cradle of Filth triumphantly retains its corpsepainted stripes while showing no fear or repercussion in their experimental dabblings such as working with HIM vocalist Vile Valo on "The Byronic Man". THORNOGRAPHY does the job in turning extreme metal on its ear with the unmistakable Cradle of Filth artistry beaming bright.
- Mike SOS