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Half hair metal demigods, half drunken karaoke gang vocal choir, there's no limit to the singing members Bang Camaro uses, which only intensifies this three-track sampler's overall speaker-rocking ability. With a hearty helping of 'the 70s arena rock guitar a la UFO and Montrose and sly bass lines not unlike Ted Nugent jamming with Scorpions laying the groundwork for Satan's Glee Club to raise their fists to rock, the Bang Camaro live experience needs to be seen, as it totally trumps anything they could possibly put on disc. Yet this sampler does an adequate job in giving the listener a glimpse of the "We are the World" meets Motley Crue vibe Bang Camaro nails. Imagine upwards to 15 metal dudes belting out party anthems at the top of their lungs while a full scale band plays their heartfelt brand of working class hard rock and Sunset Strip metal behind it all and you've got the most raucously ingenious yet guiltily cheesy project since the KISS reunion tour of...take your pick. For those about to rock out, Bang Camaro has arrived.
- Mike SOS