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Disfear's 11-track album should be the blueprint for what aggression sounds like. Featuring the vocals of Tomas Lindstrom (At The Gates), Disfear merge the raw power of Discharge and Motorhead with the Swedish metal sound, creating an apocalyptic mix of head bashing punk and pummeling metal. MISANTHROPIC GENERATION is as relentless as it gets, as songs like "An Arrogant Breed" tell it like it is behind an astonishingly simple yet painfully heavy background of guitars, bass, and drums. If you like it hard and fast, Disfear is the best band to bring it like that since Lemmy started screaming "Ace of Spades" back in '82. Worth every neck spasm it brings, Disfear has made a landmark album, capable of uncommon deeds of destruction.
- Mike SOS