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Black metal with a telescopic vision towards the black hole is what Celstia unleashes by re-releasing APPARITIA-SUMPTUOUS SPECTRE. This eight-track disc has its share of surprises, like the uncharacteristically upbeat opening to "Perverted Decadent, Dying, Love", which sounds more Red Hot Chili Pepper-esque than Emperor before delving into a deluge of keyboards and eerie vocals and the danceable darkwave of "The Radiance of Astral Light". Adorned with atmospherically suspenseful acoustic interludes on cuts like "The Fragrance of the Dead Rose" and laden with spine-tingling militaristic marches like "Necromelancholic Reveries", Celestia's lo-fi explorations of above from so far below sheds a darker light on the relative distance between the two worlds Earth is sandwiched between.
- Mike SOS