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ZZ Top meets punk rock best describes the trio of brothers that comprise Amplified Heat. Emblazoned with desert rock swagger carrying songs like "She Drank That Wine" and "I Don't Care" from the clutches of the blues and dirtying them with the pretenses of the most notorious rock around, the Tex-Mex shuffle meets West Coast punk sound portrayed here touches a vast spectrum. Hell, who doesn't like at least one Skynyrd song? Amplified Heat seems best at hemming and hawing with their metal voice in full effect in a dusty bar in Austin, TX, as they plot in joining Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Ted Nugent at the head and twisting through a Cream-like jam, lighting the stage on fire from the electric rock 'n roll experience. This masterfully recorded eponymous seven-track offering truly captures the band's bluesy essence and hard rock soul, giving this disc the vintage sound to match the band's heavy acid-hippie rock explosive momentum.
- Mike SOS