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Ashes Are Nutritious are a New Jersey-based quartet whose progressive post hardcore experimentations cover a lot of untread ground while keeping intensity levels at a fever pitch On the unit's 11-track presentation produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard/ Suicide City), a slew of alternative heaviness is thrust upon your ears in the vein of Tool, Into Another, At the Drive In, Refused, Faith No More, and Deftones, complete with multi-faceted vocals, absolutely monstrous bass playing, and a wealth of creative guitar tones and phrasings heading up the attack. It's easy to get lost in the deep grooves of "Genocide" and "Purgatory" thanks to punchy bass and passionate vocal lines delivered with edgy aggression, while "Anxieux" allows a melancholic Staind-esque vibe to be revealed. Ashes Are Nutritious combine nu metal's catchiness, post hardcore's density, and hard alternative rock's expansiveness, making FRUSTRATION + a very enlightening and engaging album.
- Mike SOS