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The Chicago band of brothers known as Chevelle have placed themselves into a prime position, thanks to their sophomore effort, and first major label release, WONDER WHAT'S NEXT. Chevelle's latest gem features 11 tracks of aggressive angst that melds the sonic beauty of Deftones with the dark melodics of Tool. Yet. Chevelle have done one better than the influences they admire, as the expert songwriting, whose dramatic twists and subtle nuances will undoubtedly floor you, takes the reigns and leads the listener through a well mapped out journey into the world of hurt, self doubt and alienation. Take "Send The Pain Below" for example, an explosively charged anthem for the disenchanted, (whose middle breakdown part is the closest thing to a rock and roll heart attack perhaps ever heard), which sends the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride. As does the rest of WONDER WHAT'S NEXT, as the Loeffler brothers have built a metal amusement park chock full of dynamic musical moments, such as the incredible rhythmic construction that ultimately becomes the driving "An Evening With El Diablo", just one of the glorious thrill rides Chevelle has made audible for your utter admiration and aggression and tension release.
- Mike SOS