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Christiansen is a Louisville, Kentucky based underground rock outfit whose latest six song release could be placed alongside At The Drive In or Thursday, as the multi layered sounds featured on FORENSICS BROTHERS AND SISTERS are embedded with a strong rock pulse. Having toured with everyone from Glassjaw to the Used, there's no lack of experience here, as they can hold their own quite well. Add the fact that Christiansen has a certain urgency to its music that makes the listener take note, whether it be through a piano interlude in "Transistorized Landscapes" or via squealing guitars in "Portable Museums", there's hardly a moment on this release where the commonplace occurs. Engaging compositions and a willingness to buck the system help this group stand out among the usual angst ridden contingent, as Christiansen uses its artistic vision to create some left of center musical entities while maintaining an emo edge that all the bespectacled, thrift store dressed kids will be sure latch on to.
- Mike SOS