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Thanks in part to friend and producer Steve Austin (Today is the Day), screaming slabs of metallic hardcore is what Closer Than Kin's 11-track release sounds like. This Massachusetts-based quintet mixes Iron Maiden melodics with underground hardcore's breakdowns with maximum results. Who says kids don't listen to metal anymore anyway? Closer Than Kin's fist pumping, arena rock choruses and righteously chugging guitars are ample enough to fill arenas across the world, and you can just envision the boys during their adolescent years rocking the denim jackets with Metallica back patches and wearing their hair all mullet like. But, like all good things, that phase ended, and then the boys got tattooed and toughened up, throwing in some NYHC grooves a la Agnostic Front and a touch of horror rock a la The Misfits into the mix, making CTK a force to be reckoned with among the rockers, punkers, and outcasts. Closer Than Kin mix all of its influences very well, never going too far with one, but instead providing just enough to make everyone a happy pit monger.
- Mike SOS