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Angelo Diablo is a gritty NYC band whose dimly-lit yet well-textured odes to the forlorn and loveless needs to be accompanied with a fifth of Jack and a handful of problems on your hands. Featuring most of the members from Bronx metalcore kings Irate but sounding nothing in the least bit like them, this self-titled debut messes with the melancholic melody of Tom Waits, The Beatles, and The Pogues with piano, keyboards, and acoustic guitar, allowing tracks like "Joaquinto", "Dreamer", and "Lullabye" to wear inner pain on its sleeve rather than beat you down to it. Relying on the equivalent of a lifetime of late nights full of too many cigarettes, excessive drinking, self-loathing, and bad decisions rather than the group shouting and guitar chugging metallic malaise combo of the past, Angelo Diablo charters a new territory with an unsung passion and undermined courage shown on cuts like "Humanity", discovering unexpectedly intriguing ways which their musical collaborations can travel to all points of heavy.
- Mike SOS