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The chameleon-esque Alabama Thunderpussy returns with all guns blazing with OPEN FIRE, the Virginia quintet's latest blistering affair. Changing vocalists once again, ex-Floodgate and Exhorder throatsmith Kyle Thomas mans the microphone on their latest 11-track offering, providing an edgier, grittier style spearheaded by Thomas' multitude of vocal styles which complement the unit's brand of grueling Southern boogie metal like never before. Retaining the slow cooked meaty riffs and stellar fretwork of past releases with dashes of uncharted metallic brilliance, tracks like the fist-pumping "None Shall Return", the raucous "Whiskey War", and the sinewy stomp and swagger of "The Beggar" provide a hearty home cooked metal experience that only a band south of the Mason-Dixon line can deliver. Laying dollops of swamp metal at its finest down for your whiskey-soaked, bong-filled enjoyment, OPEN FIRE is truly an album to raise hell by
- Mike SOS