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Belgian bruisers Blutch bound and gag you for 10-tracks of aural assault on MATERIA. Taking the drone metal approach with some apocalyptic hardcore a la Converge and Today is the Day in tow, the overall output put forth by this trio of noise rock merchants provides a depressive offering that a times would remind you of Khanate or Melvins at their most painstakingly slow and weighty. Leaving a chilling impression on your psyche, songs like "Burst" creeps into your brain and festers, while "The Black Caped Man" chugs through a sideways slam with suspenseful buildups which fuels Blutch's overwhelming sense of dread. Unleashing strong stuff not suitable for the downtrodden, just one listen of "Slaughterhouse" will definitely scare children and small woodland creatures, so rise children of the beast and get crushed under the massiveness of Blutch.
- Mike SOS