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No, Crematorium isn't a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. It's a metal band, boys and girls, and its latest 13 bludgeoning tracks are custom made for those that dig the heavy stuff. This bruising quintet add a lot of jackhammering guitar riffs, like the endless supply in "Through Adversity" and the machine gun turret style riffages in "Cast The Stone", and showcase the know-how of beating the bejesus out of a rhythm, literally pounding your ears into submission. Yet, the band, despite being a true heavyweight, demonstrates that they can not only pound you into dust, but can also compose a solid metal tune with some interesting twists, like how "Carved From Deceit" goes from being a neo-classic metal number right into an aggressive metalcore free for all. Creamatorium is one of the new jacks on the metal scene that keeps it real by keeping it really heavy, yet goes out on a limb from time to time to see how it is everywhere else, a nod to versatility that should help them write some more beautifully brutal music like the tracks on FOR ALL OUR SINS.
- Mike SOS