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When a band mixes it up between the hyperspeed carnage of Napalm Death to the abusively slow churned death dirge of Melvins as interpreted by Godflesh on one album, it's a safe bet to say there's something here for anyone who appreciates extreme music. Poland's Antigama is the band behind the madness, and the 17-track exploration RESONANCE is the end result of when grindcore drums, forward thinking, and a general sense of controlled chaos reign supreme. From the creature cantina lounge jazz of "Barbaplex", the sheer Sepultura meets cyborg wickedness of "Types of Waste", and the dissonant grind blastings which comprise "Neutral Balance", this unit's fearless genre-jumping and maniacal percussive presence stands heads and shoulders above the normal din to push the grindcore movement into uncharted territories.
- Mike SOS