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Sweden's Cult of Luna have definitely named its 10-track album sufficiently, as THE BEYOND goes further and digs deeper than any other release in 2003 thus far. The over 70-minute deluge that Cult of Luna puts you through is both lush and abrasive, as this sextet pushes the boundaries of heavy music and melds the soundscapes of Godflesh, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath into an enormous entity almost too grand for words. Hypnotically charged, Cult of Luna's songs run over the limit of most attention spans, yet, due to the usage of proper musical nuances, COL wards off that itchy CD-changer finger and provides the open minded music lover a cavalcade of avenues to explore. THE BEYOND is bound to leave any true heavy music fan riddled with questions, enlightened in spirit, and above all, salaciously satisfied, as its vast array of musical textures and layers will leave your mouth agape and your senses tingling.
- Mike SOS