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Such as the case with Velvet Revolver, when seasoned musicians get together and decide to rock rather than wallow, the end result is usually positive. Circus Diablo continues the trend, as this band which boasts former members of The Cult, Fuel, The Almighty, and on drums for the recording, Matt Sorum, has produced a hook-heavy 11-track hard rock album that has its flaws, but ultimately kicks serious ass. From the raucous opener "Loaded", this self-titled affair kicks out the jams with the perfect balance of polish and edge, showcasing the band's uncanny knack for delivering potent shots of rock 'n roll like "So Fine" and the moody "Hello, Goodbye". While some inescapable rock cliches and misfires, including the tepid spoken word fiasco "Commercial Break", sneak their way on, the overall effort Circus Diablo unfurls showcases the unit's perfect blend of balls and brawn that when fully absorbed, unfurls memorable tinges of melodic punk and fist-pumping hard rock that fans of gutter rock 'n roll from all the ages will adore.
- Mike SOS