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Many bands never rebound from a singer replacement, yet Candlemass seems determined to not be put on that list judging on their latest endeavor KINGS OF THE GREY ISLANDS. This pioneering doom metal troupe have regrouped with a new lead singer in tow, and seemingly haven't lost a step in the process. Throughout the course of the 10-track offering, the band churns out exhiliaratingky enchanting chunks of doom metal while the slightly mystical a la Dio lead vocals accentuate the music perfectly on tracks like "Demonia 6" and "Of Stars and Smoke". Maintaining a necessary air of apocalypse thanks to a bevy of menacing mid-paced tempos flawlessly executed throughout while hitting all the dramatic peaks and valleys the purveyor of all things doom could ask for (just check the epic "Destroyer for evidence), the latest release by this Swedish act denotes a fertile new beginning in this group's unsung career during a crucial transition that would find most bands reevaluating their position. If you dig Sabbath, Savatage, or Pentagram, this disc is a must listen to album.
- Mike SOS