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Bludwulf is a Rochester, NY quintet whose blatant over the top safety-pin punk rock image and primitive metal songwriting is hard to take seriously, as it casts the same kind of innocuous hazard as comic books or cartoons often do. These guys and gal are probably a hoot on Halloween, as song titles like "Feast of the Damned" and "Acid Bath Revenge" indicate a flair for the macabre, as well as The Misfits and The Exploited. Yet when blended with their sluggish thrash punk approach that borrows from everyone from Megadeth to Venom on cuts like "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", all sense of trepidation goes out the window and shock rock cliches click into high gear, sending Bludwulf to the campy graveyard where B-movie horror flicks are resurrected for morbid amusement.
- Mike SOS