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This week's winner of metal mash up is Deadlock, who seems to be one of those bands that has may have a bit too much going on at once. This sextet's 11-track release WOLVES displays a unit whose crushing Gothenburg sound isn't afraid to go all '70s prog-rock during solo time ("We Shall All Bleed"), and comes complete with dual vocals a la Lacuna Coil (one dude, one chick) for massive accessibility purposes. There's also heart wrenching Evanescence-esque piano balladry ("To Where the Skies Are Blue) and majestic black metal orchestrations ("Praeludium II") mixed within the death 'n roll rock verse-chick rock chorus metal anthems ("As Words to Bullets") to truly confound, amaze, and irk listeners across the board. WOLVES is the type of disc where a mixing board as a listening device would come in handy to tune out what you don't want and turn up what you want more of, but if you can deal with an album with three solo albums built in, then it's all good.
- Mike SOS