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E.Town Concrete's THE RENAISSANCE is the most real rap-rock album on the scene today. With that being said, let's check just why. For starters, the four men which hail from Elizabeth, New Jersey have been honing its craft in the ultra rough NY/NJ hardcore circuit, tearing up stages for over seven years before landing this, the quartet's major label debut. E.Town's solid mixture of rap, metal, hardcore, and even some oddly placed influences, like flamenco guitar and classic rock, make this versatile outfit soar to unbelievable heights; just when you think you've got E.Town all figured out, vocalist Anthony Martini will blow Jay-Z's doors off with a rapping rant, or the tight as a drum rhythm section will pull off a death metal run suitable for all types of moshpit chaos. Not only is E.Town Concrete a hybrid outfit that mixes melody with mayhem, but it is also one of the heaviest bands on the scene, judging by the sledgehammering riffages strewn throughout THE RENAISSANCE. This 11-track gem has it all, ranging from street credible rapping that stands up to anything on urban radio or MTV to some of the most pulsating hardcore grooves this side of Hatebreed, and proves that like fine wine, the well-seasoned E.Town's time has come to take over and begin a new renaissance of heavy music.
- Mike SOS