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Stepping out from his Dogs of Winter frontman duties long enough to record an 11-track solo album steeped in the Tom Waits/ Nick Cave bleak singer-songwriter style, BEDLAM NIGHTS demonstrates a stripped to the bone version of the versatile Brian Grosz, who triumphantly channels the darker side of the musical spectrum on cuts like "Lady on the Low" and the engaging spoken word track "Won't You Be My Neighbor". Clever instrumentation and experimental vocalization a la Mike Patton propels "Someone's Gonna Swing" while "Roads" radiates Ian Anderson at his most pensive. With most of the tracks here relying on the bare minimum, Grosz's distinct voice and phrasings shine brighter than usual, revealing the underbelly of the life you only can see in the shadows of the elevated train or through the thick fog of the city late at night.
- Mike SOS