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Flag waving rockers Drowning Pool return with FULL CIRCLE, a 13-track alt-metal release ready to be the soundtrack for a video game or a wrestling pay per view. Pledging allegiance to the troops overseas, it's hard not to support the band's staunch campaign or applaud their tireless efforts by playing for the men and women that serve in the Armed Forces ("Soldiers"), yet the musical output for the most part contains rehashed a late '90s mix of brooding mid-tempo numbers that don't carry the impact of previous efforts ("Love X2", "Paralyzed"). New singer Ryan McCombs (ex-Soil) does his part to keep things in line, yet the eerie acoustic Alice in Chains aura floating here emits a very been-there, done-that feel. While the band's transition is far from smooth, there's still a slew of hard rockers to get the jocks going here ("Enemy", "Reborn") and enough cohesion and emotion displayed on FULL CIRCEL for Drowning Pool to gel more as a band for the next time around.
- Mike SOS