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Thrash metal seems to be the flavor of the month once again, and despite many valiant efforts, no band comes closer to recreating that vintage sound quite like Dekapitator. Could it be because this quartet hails from the birthplace of thrash, the Bay Area? That one is up for debate, but what's unquestionably true is the great lengths songs like "Deathstrike Command" go through to present the early day Exodus meets HAUNTING THE CHAPEL-era Slayer sound in all of its vintage glory. Blistering solos, breakneck tempos, and a singer whose sturdily serviceable vocals lead the thrash brigade's march to the metal kingdom are all here, lovingly showcased on such straightforward yet ass-kicking tracks like "Run With the Pack" and the golden instrumental track "Eye of the Storm", reminiscent of Testament . The thrash revival has now come to fruition, thanks to the frenzied flashback THE STORM BEFORE THE CALM provides.
- Mike SOS