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U.K.'s best dressed Satanist unit Akercocke continue their unending quest pushing the boundaries of music with the 10-track ANTICHRIST. Adorned with a slew of old school death metal sensibilities juxtaposed with a forward-thinking blend of progressive rock and extreme metal, ANTICHRIST equally jars the listener with curious genre switching ("Axiom", "Distant Fires Reflect in the Eyes of Satan") and brutal black metal bludgeonings ("Summon the Antichrist", "Man Without Faith or Trust"). Never satisfied with artistic complacency yet able to retain the band's unquestionable fury throughout their adventurous jaunts, Akercocke's technical irreverence and sheer hostility shines bright across the duration of ANTICHRIST ("My Apertous Angel"), allowing the band to spread its black wings to encompass a savage mix of elegance and raw.
- Mike SOS