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Enigmatic foursome Baroness keep a tight lip on many inter-band elements, such as the origin of their name, departing members, and even the title of their latest album, yet this secrecy hasn't thwarted the group from releasing a captivating new release with THE RED ALBUM, the unit's first full-length affair. Drawing as much from ambient metalgaze as they do flag-waving Southern rock, tracks like the hypnotic "Wailing Wintry Wind" and the sonic crush of "Isak" demonstrate this Savannah, GA act's command of dynamics and comprehension on how to create an epic piece of work. As bold as it is beautiful, Baroness maintain a mystique throughout this 11-track endeavor whose grandiose feel carries from the colossal opener "Rays On Pinion" until the last note heard on the somber and soothing "O' Appalachia". If you're looking for something refreshing yet still unbridled, this is the album to sink your teeth into, as everything from quiet acoustic passages to rifftastic NWOBHM twin guitars are included on this mammoth disc sure to thrust Baroness into metal's upper echelon.
- Mike SOS