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Harkening back to the days before Pro Tools perfection, Sweden's Death Breath not only pays its own twisted homage to LET IT BE by The Beatles, but also turns the clock back to reveal the crustiest of death metal roots modern technology abandoned on the seven-track EP LET IT STINK. The third installment in two years from this metal veteran troupe featuring Nicke from Entombed lovingly resurrects the menacing sounds from the catacombs of the depraved from the opening chords of the whimsically grim "Giving Head to the Dead" until the final bonechilling jam fadeout on "Twisted in Distaste". Strap yourself in for a rollicking ride through the grimy underbelly of extreme metal, as covers of bands such as G.B.H., Bathory, and Discharge mix with Death Breath's organically-grown gruesomeness for every squealing solo, echoed vocal, and unfettered blast beat.
- Mike SOS