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Christine is a multi-faceted female fronted clan whose fearless dive into a bevy of genres makes up their latest 13-track affair BADASSER. Discovered and produced by Today is the Day visionary Steve Austin, this Nashville, TN quartet toe the line between sinewy stoner metal, atmospheric shoegaze, and whiskey-soaked Southern rock on cuts like "Sheep in Wolf's Skin", "Motherfucker", and "Juandice". Blending the works of Alabama Thunderpussy, Kyuss, Mazzy Star, and Jucifer into a potpourri of kick ass rock cohesion, Christine displays what a wild ride through the backwoods of Anytown, USA feels like. Using versatility to the fullest, Christine implements an intriguing array of unlikely stylistic twists and turns while maintaining a heavy-handed fuzz rock foundation throughout, showcasing not only their unique perspective but also this quartet's solid grooving chops along the way.
- Mike SOS