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Laying a smolderingly jarring technical deathcore approach down on the eight-track THE NEW REIGN, Chicago-based youngsters Born of Osiris boldly display their ADD-addled metallic wares on cuts like "Open Arms to Damnation" and the venomous advocate for social change closer "The Takeover". Most likely ingesting a steady diet of Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me, and Children of Bodom, this brazen sextet's Gothenburg metal (think Soilwork meets mid-era In Flames) sound is pretty dead-on ("Brace Legs"), and when juxtaposed with tasteful keyboard overlays that assist the seamless flow of their debut disc, this act's penchant for producing a condensed version of progressive metal, a genre known for its lengthier structures, yields a dizzying yet stunning results. While some may argue it's too much in too little time and that the breakdowns seem a bit immature, the overall mark this nouveaux group leaves are impressive to say the least.
- Mike SOS