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Aiden gets a lot of crap for their style and mannerisms, and while a lot of the negativity can be attributed to their mascara-wearing and punk posturing, the band's Him meets The Used version of punk rock, while far from groundbreaking, does give the teeny boppers a soundtrack to hang their pinups and put on their black nail polish to. Tracks like "Moment" bust through the gates with a slight Goth rock pomp and a huge arena rock chorus, while "Teenage Queen" sounds off like the countless power punk bands currently saturating the Hot Topic shelves. While Aiden's popularity rises, their musical offerings sadly have a hard time keeping up, as odds are this band will be out of favor as soon as this year's 10th graders move on to the bigger and better things MTV feeds their young.
. www.victoryrecords.com
- Mike SOS