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Smoking hot stoner rock meets bombastic skater punk best describes the latest 13-track musical platter served by North Carolina's ASG. While this band may be best known for their music's inclusion on skate and surf videos as well as being featured on VIVA LA BAM, this act's fourth release WIN US OVER finds the band honing in on the formula of bong-hugging grooves, spacious hard rock histrionics, and teeth-gnashing alternative metal, taking the reigns on cuts like "Low End Insight" and the hypnotic "Taking Me Over". Borrowing as much from COC as from Clutch and Nebula in terms of attitude and colossal presence on tracks like "Gallop Song" and "The Dull Blade", ASG meshes nuances of the best from the hazy hard rock world with a forceful blend of psychedelic atmosphere and brazen heaviness that won't disappoint those who like to rock
- Mike SOS