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Taiwanese black metal troupe Chthonic continues their momentum from a standout stint on Ozzfest this past summer with the release of SEEDIQ BALE, a nine-track album of epic proportions. A plethora of sounds are present from death metal churning guitars and guttural vocals to symphonic and grandiose keyboards to ethereal female vocals and the haunting use of a traditional two-string violin, all working in symbiosis to overtake your senses with their massive and glorious symphonic metal on cuts like "Bloody Gaya Fulfilled" and "The Gods Wept". Exploring the culture and history of Taiwan in their music is very much a part of Chthonic, as the sadness and anger presented in death metal form reveals the struggles the band faced both through the ages as well as in their homeland today, reflecting a revolutionary spirit in their music that propels songs like "Indigenous Laceration" to uncharted heights. If you dig Dimmu and go crazy for Cradle, Chthonic's latest is a no-brainer.
- Mike SOS