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A two-singer onslaught featuring a singing drummer, a flurry of tasty off-center arrangements, and a tried and true metallic foundation from which the band strays far enough from to be considered adventurous yet returns to all the time to maintain brutality are just a few of the nuances you'll find on the debut disc from New Mexico quartet Caustic Lye. Progressively heavy and artistically unbridled, this 13-track journey takes the listener through a cavalcade of pounding riffs, impassioned screams, and vitriolic lyrical content with an impressive array of musical skill and adroit changes on cuts like "Man, Machine, and Godhead" and "Ringfinger Promise". Reminiscent of bands that defy boundaries yet keep it real such as Strapping Young Lad at times, overall this act sounds like Deftones and Daath colliding with a dastardly dash of Death throughout the duration of THAT THAT IS IS, providing one hell of a musical scope for Caustic Lye to carve out their metallic wares from.
- Mike SOS