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Returning from their long expedition into outer space with glorious galactic rock 'n roll swagger, Danava's latest seven-track offering UNONOU is as much an exercise in self-indulgence as it is a triumphantly psychedelic prog rock gem. Everything from horns adorning the boogie heard on "A High or A Low" to the Ozzy-esque warble heard throughout and the mindblowing solos smack dab in the middle of "Spinning Temple Shifting" are just a few reasons why this Portland, OR act is the envy of all the other garages, while explosions of sinewy synths and sharpened classic metal riffs are detonated with both flair and care throughout, lifting the sleepy yet majestic stoner rock vibe to the faraway lands of '70s theatrical rock mind expansion. Heroic glam rock guitars and impeccably-timed trippy musical instrumentations provide the launching pad for Danava to blast off, taking Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Yes, and Uriah Heep eight-tracks along as reminders on what to look towards when the excursion from the mind becomes fully realized, while the sludgy groove takedown of "The Emerald Snow of Sleep" takes the desert rock route a la Kyuss with memorable results. Channeling the fury of the forefathers to fuel their rocket ride across the heavens, Danava's latest release is a kaleidoscopic powderkeg of progressive metal excellence decorated with equal dollops of pompy posturings and precise hard rock power.
- Mike SOS