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Bay Area thrash marauders Death Angel have masterfully intertwined a modern approach into their deep-rooted thrash metal nuances on the quintet's latest endeavor KILLING SEASON. From the clobbering one-two punch of "Lord if Hate" and "Sonic Beatdown" which kicks off the disc to the twin guitar hard rock punch of "Steal the Crown" and the grooving hard rock foundation that interestingly morphs into a brazen thrash metal slugfest on "Buried Alive", the spirit of this unit's glory days is very much intact here with a smattering of today's sounds finding a comfortable position alongside the act's mature rage. Never a band to shy away from trying new approaches or different elements, Death Angel manages to plug today's rock world influence into their always intriguing thrash metal mix to create a well-rounded heavy album that nicely captures the teeth-gnashing old school attitude while highlighting Death Angel's vast musical progression and expansive knowledge.
- Mike SOS