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Midwestern metalcore troupe Dead to Fall's latest disc is also the band's swan song release thanks to a recent un-amicable split. At least ARE YOU SERIOUS is a proper send-off, if nothing else, thanks to "Stupid", the squad's not so secret condemnation (especially lyrically) of the banality of the genre's conventions, even going so far as to mimic the color by numbers "formula" that enslaves so many bands through a vocal/instrumental call in response with tongue firmly in cheek. Taking an off-kilter approach to brutish metal that falls somewhere between the savage technicalities of The Red Chord and Darkest Hour, this group's volatile moments stand tall amongst the elite on cuts like "Major Rager" and "Robo-Destro". Even though Dead to Fall bites the metalcore hand that has fed them in the past here, they do so with a respectable array of pummeling riffs and a wry sense of humor that helps the more atmospheric moments of "Loch Ness" and "Astral Projection/ Dream J(ourney)" go down smoother.
- Mike SOS