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Equally progressive as they are aggressive, U.K. metal clan Biomechanical's latest album CANNIBALISED renders a serious case of sensory overload to any unwarned listener, as the bulk of this offering provides a breakneck pace as well as a slew of unbalanced genre meanderings, making for an overall uneasy experience. Grandiose symphonic passages such as "Consumed" collide with industrially-tinged speed metal fixes found on cuts like "Predatory", while a blistering assault of frantic drums, explosive guitars, and dynamic vocals tread the same waters patrolled by Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, and Pantera throughout the course of the disc. Theatrically minded yet openly brutal and relentless, Biomechanical's psychotic demeanor and schizophrenic soundscape is difficult to embrace, but it does properly showcase this ambitious yet scattershot unit's massive abilities via the convoluted and complex compositions included here.
- Mike SOS