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Austrian melodic death metal merchants Collapse 7 keep the '90s extreme metal sound alive on SUPERNOVA OVERDRIVE, the quartet's latest 10-track presentation. Chock full of harsh vocals, venomous galloping riffs, and a badass streak that runs throughout cuts like "I Proclaim the End", it's not so much what these guys do as it is how they get it done, melding classic Swedish overtones with dashes of death 'n roll and hints of cosmic rock for maximum power. Choice tracks like "Gravity Collapsing Theory" sounds like the byproduct of Gojira and Entombed's bastard spawn, while "The Silence That Remains" shifts the band into an Opeth-like progressive state of metal while retaining its well-developed bite. Adorned with strong twists and turns and a genuine level of heaviness, this disc is a sleeper that would go over big with any open-minded metal fan.
- Mike SOS