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Is there something in the air in Canada that spurns intriguing metal whose multi-influential pull? Looking back at bands that hail from the area, you could make a case for Canada's metal supremacy over most countries (except Sweden, of course), and you can absolutely add the Edmonton quintet Divinity to the equation. This neophyte outfit play with the fiery spirit and dexterous chops of their Northern neighbors a la Strapping Young Lad and Into Eternity, yet gracefully veer into progressive waters at any given moment a la Protest the Hero across the duration of ALLEGORY, the unit's 10-track introduction to the metal realm. Complex compositions and a schizophrenic vocal demonstration are just a few of the devices this band unleashes from its arsenal at any given time, as a varied yet rousing array of metal textures and vocal techniques keep the avid metal listener on their toes while enjoying the multi-faceted metal assault brought on by cuts like "Plasma", "Strain" and "Methodic". Adroitly fusing technical prowess and epic glory of progressive metal with the sweet savagery commandeered by many in the melodic death metal field, if forward-thinking metal with a clinical edge makes your head spin in ways that utterly fulfill, then this effort is definitely highly recommended.
- Mike SOS