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Formed from the ashes of Slaves of Dope and Unloco, nu metal survivors Anew Revolution's debut disc RISE showcases a band ready for the rock radio and extreme lifestyle rollercoaster. Equipped with an array of big yet somewhat shadowy hooks casting over slightly manipulated programmed rhythms a la Static X while gobs of fist-pumping riffs like the ones found in "My Generation" and "Rise" rip through the speakers, this experienced clan firmly exhibit a convincing wallop that's ripe for a wrestling pay per view endorsement, not to mention their New Order cover of "True Faith" screams out for soundtrack inclusion. Despite all this, their melodic hard rock is guilty of following the standard modern blueprint, which immediately renders them as far from groundbreaking as possible. But if you can prepare for an onslaught of everything from Drowning Pool to Staind and Sevendust to Linkin Park, then you are more than ready to dig in on RISE.
- Mike SOS