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Black metal comes from the Lone Star State courtesy of Averse Sefira, whose latest eight tracks of malefic batterings titled ADVENT PARALLAX strikes with the brute force and convincing dread of many of the like-minded groups halfway around the world. Buzzing guitars, incessant double bass drum thrashings, and vocals sounding as if projected from the world below are prominent throughout this dark listening experience, as tracks like "Cognition of Rebirth" move at a breakneck pace, wiping out anything in its path before succumbing to an ambient synth exit. Erecting a crushing atmosphere while inspiring an inescapable uneasiness comes thanks to the guitarwork and its eerie dissonance and blistering riffs that harkens back to the days when church burning was all the rage. This power trio delivers a wrath shared by some of the Scandinavian country's most notorious bands on their fourth full-length assault.
- Mike SOS